Portrait - Amateur

Jeddet Adham and Her Favorite Scarf, Egypt

Don Whitebread


"Jeddet Adham and Her Favorite Scarf, Egypt"
A friend's grandmother from the small village of Aqaba in southern Egypt showing off her favorite scarf.

Biography: Don Whitebread is an award winning photographer living in the USA. His works have been published in Luminous Landscape, Black and White Magazine, National Yemen newspaper, aCurator blog, Yemen - Antiquity at the Crossroads & Photo Technique Magazine. Don has made several solo and group exhibitions in venues such as the World Affairs Council - San Francisco, San Francisco Airport Museum, Keeble and Shuchat Gallery - Palo Alto CA, Mpls Photo Center - Minneapolis, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center - Sacramento, Etherton Gallery - Tucson & Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Museum.

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