Portrait - Amateur

The stoker

Klaus-Juergen Roericht

Honorable Mention

"The stoker"
In the narrow alleys of Marrakech he lives and works alone in the underground to heat the hammam in the upper floors for carriage trade and Tourists.

Biography: Born 1931 in Glogau (formerly Germany, today Poland). Vocational Training as carpenter and joiner (building and furniture) and studies of interior design in Hildesheim/Germany. Since 1957 living in Switzerland and active as professional architect and interior designer until 1998. Additional works as designer of lamps, carpets, jewellery, etc. and as artist of innumberable drawings and paintings. First activities in photography with an AGFA-BOX 1937, much later with a ZEISS-CONTAFLEX 4. Digital photography including printing since 2001.

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