Portrait - Amateur


jayanta roy

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Aghori "
The Aghori or naga are a Shaivite Hindu sect mostly composed of ascetic sadhus They are, for instance, known to engage in post-mortem ritual, they also often dwell in charnel grounds, have been witnes

Biography: I was born and still live in Kolkata, India, a city with a strong cultural heritage. I started my photographic journey at a very young age and my main focus in photography is to capture unusual landscapes and portraits which can express the internal spirit of a subject. I strongly believe that a photo without a story is like a body without a soul. I am a self-taught photographer and learn by experimenting with my camera which gives me a lot of joy. My specialties are B&W landscape and portrait photography. I travel a lot to see and capture the world around us. For me photography is freedom.

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