Fine Art - Professional

Elegy of Autumn

Dina Bova


"Elegy of Autumn"
It’s a melody of autumn - story of elderly couple living together all Life, each in his personal world. Here, the spheres serve as metaphors for dissociation from the outside world and from each other

Biography: My art is a world of allegories, metaphors and multifaceted associations. This world is sometimes absurd and paradoxical, sometimes strange and surreal, but this world is a reflection of my true feelings. In this world, different emotions coexist side by side: irony, fear, joy, pain, sometimes even madness and despair, but there�s always a presence of hope and there�s never hatred. My artworks are addressed not to reason, but to the spectators� feelings. My language is the language of intuitive characters and metaphors. I try to avoid flat and primitive clich�s, which appeal...

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