Fine Art - Professional

M.I.T. Bicycle Plane

Laura Jean Zito


"M.I.T. Bicycle Plane"
Bryan Allen who rode a bicycle plane across the English channel, got this plane of M.I.T. off the ground by trading his wing design with their propeller design in 1980 in Hanscomb Field in Concord, M

Biography: "The Ironic Age" by Laura Jean Zito published in Edge of Humanity Magazine: 2022,Third Prize in Photojournalism: International Color Awards: edition of the WINNERS BOOK, June 2022, Winners Video Series, July 2022. In 2021, "STREETS" competition, published in 22nd Edition of All About Photo Magazine and on the website,, with a full portfolio. "Catamaran," a Californian art magazine, chose her Middle East images to resonate with a short story "Sunbirds." "In The Frame" page of "Totally Dublin" in May 2021,...

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