Still Life - Professional

Yoshikawa Mitsu Magunifiers

Mitsu Yoshikawa


"Yoshikawa Mitsu Magunifiers"
This is a series of light (reflection and shadow). Wherever we go, there is light with its reflections and shadows. We are not able to be alive without light. And together with the reflections and shadows of actual things, it creates an endlessly fascinating environment: an always new and different world. This image was captured one large foldable (you can see only part of it near the bottom) and three foldable magnifiers. Light was just natural light.

Biography: Mitsu Yoshikawa was born in Japan. He studied photography under Peter Stackpole at Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and moved to New York City where he worked for Yomiuri Newspaper and as a freelance photographer. After several years, he accepted a nine-month assignment taking photographs in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka for airline travel magazines. Following that assignment, he returned to Tokyo, where he continued to work as a freelance photographer and expanded his experience to include photographing, editing and publishing yearbooks. He photographs nature and wilderness scenes of...

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