Architectural - Professional

Reinheitsgebot / Purity Requirements V

Wolfgang Stahl


"Reinheitsgebot / Purity Requirements V"
These Images are part of an ongoing series within the city of Berchtesgaden, Bavaria 2014/15

Biography: 2017 awarded "finalist" 11th Arte Laguna Prize, Premio Arte Laguna Venice exhibition "Finalist Artists" 11th Arte Laguna Prize Venice 2008 exhibition "Works" Uebervart, Frankfurt a. M. 2007 moved to Munich exhibition "Red Dot" AOP Gallery London exhibition "Portfolio1" AOP Gallery London 2006 exhibition "Illusionism" BBH advertising agency London 2005 moved to London 2003 Nikon sponsorship prize 2000-2003 photography design studies, Roger Melis, Lette-Verein Berlin 1999 photography education, Matthias...

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