Fine Art - Professional

Ohashi / Roadside Lights


3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Ohashi / Roadside Lights"
With the approach of dusk, vending machines begin to emit light on the streets.This scenery is particular in Japan, where vending machines are casually placed on the road. What I love especially is the light of vending machines on snowy nights. Sometimes I feel like I am drawing into that light. Those vending machines look like they are living creatures and keep me fascinated. Vending machines are watching us everywhere in Japan.

Biography: 1955 Born in Hokkaido Japan From 1984 to 2006, Nepal and Pakistan. Photography in Tibet and Chinese Western Regions. It becomes free and is by the side of a commercial picture from 2010. I take a picture of "the landscape with the vending machine". Photo classic registration author 「Selected Solo Exhibitions」 2015 “Roadside LightsⅢ” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza/Tokyo 2014 “Roadside LightsⅡ”NIKON SALON/Tokyo 2013 “Roadside Lights” Continental gallery/Sapporo 2013 “Roadside Lights” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza/Tokyo 2011 ...

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