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Arctic night

Oysten Glenne Kristiansen

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Arctic night"
Captured during a journey on Spitsbergen, Svalbard in wintertime- still surrounded by darkness. I have created this photo by using analogue Hasselblad 501 and Ilford Xp-2 400 120 film (medium format)- exposed for several minutes to get sufficient contrast and details in the darker areas. It has become quite a great photo just because of the light: A small amount of moonlight hits the mountains through a crack in the layer of the skyes- giving the whole landscape a magic impression and atmosphere. Its almost an sacral feeling being alone in this arctic nature under such circumstances- bearing in mind that these elements have been standing there for millions of years , while you as a human have lived just for 50 years. Just after 3 exposures the light disappeared , and the magic atmosphere also

Biography: Photographer using analog equipment: Hasselblad 501 CM, monochrome black and white film - developed in traditional way. Merit Award in Black and White Magazine Portfoliocontest 2012. Recently announced as a Merit Award Winner in BW Magazine Single contest 2013

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