Photojournalism - Professional

Victoria at the Cobalt Hotel

Gabor Gasztonyi


"Victoria at the Cobalt Hotel"
A portrait of Addiction: Victoria at the Cobalt Hotel with gang member, Vancouver's Eastside.

Biography: A professional photographer and author Gabor Gasztonyi lives in New Westminster with his wife, artist Judith Copland, where they operate a photographic studio and art gallery. They also live part of the year in Budapest. His book “A Room in the City” published by Anvil Press, 2010 with a forward by Dr Gabor Mate, was a finalist for the George Ryga Award for Social Justice in Literature as well as the Alcuin Award for book design. The book is a photographic journey in the hotel rooms of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The book contains Gabor’s diary and selected poems. ...

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