Fine Art - Professional

Crowning La Seine

Christian Kleiman
New Zealand


"Crowning La Seine"
Even before its construction was completed, the tower was already in the eye of the storm of social debates. But the impossible came true and the tower, with its almost 131 years old, has taken roots.

Biography: Christian Kleiman was born in Alicante, Spain in 1969. He started photography in 2006 when he discovered how to obtain photos from a self build remote-controlled camera system that he used to hang on a flying parasail towed by his boat. Christian first specialized in aerial photography where he started taking pictures from his “flying camera” to other boats in sailing races. When he decided to make a living out of photography he specialized as well in 360 panoramic photography. By merging these two techniques he managed to create 360 aerial panoramic photos which back at that time in...

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