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Syrian puppeteer performs for children in Idlib

Mouneb Taim

Honorable Mention

"Syrian puppeteer performs for children in Idlib"
Puppet theater among the rubble for children in Idlib Syria, Saraqib: Puppeteer Walid Rashed rehears

Biography: Muneb Nassar Born in 2001 from Damascus Syrian Producer - Journalist covers news stories with a focus on social issues. He is currently working in Turkey as a freelance journalist with many international agencies and televisions. He started his career in photojournalism as a freelance photographer and reporter in 2014, covering life under siege in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, inside the siege for many years and then Idlib and Aleppo countryside until early 2021, documenting massacres and destruction. and life. He documented the air raids and shelling on an almost daily basis. During the...

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