Americana - Professional

Digital man(The calling)

Nluz Love

Honorable Mention

"Digital man(The calling)"
An electric shock keeps me in touch with cosmic friends through digital art. The art of the American house.

Biography: Artistic history In the Year 2004 receives the so-called national awards of Professional photography, Lux Oro in architecture and interior design and lux Silver and bronze in Industrial. The work is exhibited at the Palais des Conventions in Barcelona. Also in the year 2004 the City Council of Puerto Llano, Ciudad Real, Spain, on the occasion of the centenary of Don Quixote of La Mancha, buys two works and exhibits them in the auditorium of Puerto Llano. In the year 2004 the Distance University of Spain, UNED, selects a work and exhibits it in the Palacio de Velázquez, Madrid,...

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