Nature - Professional

A death in the desert 1

Marguerite Garth

Honorable Mention

"A death in the desert 1"
an elegy to the austere and haunting beauty of the high desert that is desiccating slowly but steadily.

Biography: EDUCATION BA, University of California at Los Angeles, Photography AWARDS 2012 - 13 1st Place, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, awarded with a Paris show, 2013 Winner, Creative Quarterly 29, Winter Publication (out in book stores 04/2013) Portfolio in Fine Art Photo, Issue No. 13, Rudolf Hillebrand Publisher, Germany � Winner, Creative Quarterly 30, Spring Publication Winner, Creative Quarterly 31, Summer Publication WIPI 2013 Annual Juried Competition - Juror Choice Gallery Presentation Project Basho, Onward Compe...

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