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Cat Nap

Laura Jean Zito


"Cat Nap"
White street traffic lines radiate out from a dog walker at the cynosure like bicycle wheel spokes, emphasizing a prone figure and his cat, non-plussed by it all, enjoying a rest in the middle of al

Biography: Laura Jean Zito: NBC Network News Photographer, feature film stills photographer, founder and curator of Fotoforum at 575 5th Ave in Manhattan, curator of “Make it Big, Make it Class,” at Harvard, “Relief” at Broadway Gallery NYC, and “Art of the Garden” in PA. Recent exhibits: solo shows at County Mayo's Ballina Arts Centre, Museum of Country Life’s Courtyard Gallery, group shows "Ireland in Frame," in Berlin of six Irish street photographers, online shows LACP's "Street Photography Around the World," All About Photo's "Streets," published...

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