Silhouette - Amateur

Crossed Over The Boundaries of Inferior

Grace Ho


"Crossed Over The Boundaries of Inferior"
Hoping the India women can crossed over the boundaries of their society which is still dominated by men, where woman often seen as subbonate and inferior to men

Biography: I come from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I picked up photography as hobby in 2013 when my friend Ujin gave me a DSLR camera. Since then, I have been fascinated the power of images. As a passionate amateur photographer, I always consider photography a way to perpetuate a moment with all the associated emotions and a means to share and spread my way of seeing the world. I'm interested in people, landscape and street photography and my camera is always with me wherever I travel. For me, a good image tells a story, it will inspire the spectator to discover more about people, cultures & places.

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