Wildlife - Amateur

Mother and daughter?

Leif Sohlman


"Mother and daughter?"
Mother and daughter? BW The mother mallard duck took her little baby daughter to the water of creek of city Enkoeping Enkoping, for the first time. The little duckling first was a bit afraid of the wa

Biography: Biography Leif Sohlman is an amateur photographer/digital artist mainly working with nature and landscapes. He is working with landscapes, flowers and macro photography and sometimes with digital art as photo painting and abstract work. He mostly find his motives in the surroundings of his home in City Enköping ( Enkoping, Enkoeping) Sweden Statement Nature is a beauty we all have to love. If we do not love nature we loose a bit of our souls. Lief's images will try to find the beauty in the surrounding, especially nature, around us and to let others find that beauty through his images....

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