Photographer of the Year - Professional

Body and soul Kyriakos Kaziras

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Body and soul"
Polar Bears at sunrise over Barter Island, Alaska

'Mother Earth' Claudia Cebrian

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"'Mother Earth'"
From the series "Masks" Title: "Mother Earth", Digital capture, 35 mm I named my new series of portraits 'Masks'. It speaks about my adapting to a new tropical environment, surrounds, and complex lifestyle. Keeping with the theme of nature and how our environment teaches us valuable lessons about the earth and regeneration, these masks are made of dry leaves from our local, tropical trees. These images r not photoshopped. The masks are crested with dry leaves of tropical plants. Some were seen by hand.

 Super Mega Bolt Hits The Monterey Bay Steve Zmak

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

" Super Mega Bolt Hits The Monterey Bay"
August 16, 2020-This rare thunderstorm set off some of the largest fires in California history.

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