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In Awe

Gloria Golden


"In Awe"
Looking through the display case, which housed the Terra Cotta Warrior, I snapped this photograph . . . trying to capture a special moment. I shot so quickly, not immediately aware of the connection between the boy and the gigantic figure. I realized this was a powerful image, as I observed the boy's emotional reaction in his upward gaze.

Biography: While on a sabbatical leave from teaching, Gloria Golden studied photography with Jules Allen at Queensborough Community College. Studies continued at the International Center for Photography in Manhattan. Courses were also taken at the Woodstock, Maine, and Santa Fe workshops. Black and white photography appeals to her because it is more soulful and creates a particular mood. Although the subject matter of her photographs includes almost anything to which she is attracted, her great joy is in photographing people. The goal is to discover what they’re all about through the lens of the...

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