Portrait - Amateur

Behind the curtain

Gregoire A. Meyer

Honorable Mention

"Behind the curtain"
Michel, behind the curtain... Looking in a mirror is an intimate moment. She opens herself, observing every wrinkle and flaw, subconsciously beginning dialogue. But the conversation is seldom objective. Perhaps her reflection differs from the image in her mind or perhaps beauty itself raises expectation? Sharing this intimate moment, the observer begins as voyeur with their own experience providing an irresistible invitation to join in. Contradictory perceptions of beauty mirror our imperfections as a society. Scars on a young girl are flaws but on the face of the mature man they signify experience or form an ‘interesting’ feature. Searching for the flaws and imperfections of the women, he reflects a perception paradox where beauty shines for all to see - in the eye of the beholder.

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