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Tarnished lives



"Tarnished lives"
Dharamsala - India - August 2011 - Travelling in India, it means facing an inner journey like no other place on earth.The forgotten lives are countless.Millions of people live in absolute poverty , or work in a state of semi-slavery.It's impossible not to stop and think about the motives for existence and a deeper reason of the life cycle.Tribute to the lives tarnished...

Biography: I fell in love with photography as a boy, after I was given a Polaroid camera. Until the age of 25/26, I did not have the chance to explore and develop this wondrous art. I am strictly self-taught, apart from a basic photography course at the “ph libero” photography school in Turin that I attended in 2010. To be honest, everything I know about photography is the result of concerted and passionate book-based and online research, allied to an enormous amount of in-the-field practice. I published my first photography book, “Wandering for Malaysia & Singapore...”, in 2011, a year of great...

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