Still Life - Amateur

Venus de Flora

Clint Kennedy


"Venus de Flora"
This arrangement of two florals that obviously resembles the nude female form, was the result of composing for one purpose and having obtained a different outcome in the darkroom. She initially looked like two flowers rendered upside down on my viewcamera ground glass, but later the developed negative revealed something more.

Biography: Clint's formal education and the bulk of his studies are in music composition from which he later pursued large format film photography after leaving Cal Arts and to this day is engrossed in drawing, painting and engraving. A rather long way around the barn as he would say, but he also would say that his life thus far has made more total sense after coming unto his own in art in recent years through music and photography. He says, “through this path, my art is evolving towards a more complete and modern representation of ultimate beauty, but I’m not even close, yet.”

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