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Three Trees Couple

Rafal Maleszyk


"Three Trees Couple"
I feel strong desire to walk in the forest, to discover this ray of light that will make a difference in my frame. I try to capture the speed of wind and the ocean, movement of threes, contrast of sand or texture of a rock. I cannot live without the beautiful spectacles Nature gives. It is like a race, and I am scared, if I donít photograph, the beauty of Nature will be lost. This is our Human naive belief that we are in control of everything. When I photograph I have to be united with Nature and give up the total control of the perspective, light or composition, this is the only time I am able to create something exceptional. In 2011 I have started to incorporate plastic in my landscapes. I enjoy creating long exposure ocean-scapes, this is when I am not entirely in the control of what the sensor will record; the motion of ocean, wind, waves and plastic produce unpredictable effect. In my plastic-scapes wind plays a huge role as well as reflection of light in the plastic.

Biography: Rafal Maleszyk Born: 1978 Nowy Sacz, Poland Present residence: Oahu, Hawaii, USA Publications: Hasselblad Masters Volume 4 Silvershotz Australia Lens Work USA Fotographia Itally Adore Noir Canada Black and white magazine USA Camera Obscura USA Black+White Photography UK Popular Photography USA Art Direct USA PH Magazine Canada Black & White Through Creative Eyes 1814 Magazine Creative Quarterly USA Digitalis Foto Hungary Awards Hasselblad Master 2014 Fine Arts Winner Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2012 ...

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