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Body Works 1

amir weinberg


"Body Works 1"
amir is an art photographer & photojournalist.Video Artist & Documentary ailm maker. Amir is doing art since his childhood. In his 20's and actually untill now Amir has worked as a press & documentary photographer for leading newspapers in Israel and abroad such as "Yediot Aharonot", "Time magazine", "Stern magazine", "Paris match" and for leading photo agencies such as "Reuters", "AFP" and "sigma". As well as documentary videos & video art. In the last 15 years he put his effort in fine art photography. His main subjects are- the human body, nature, abstract, movement & materials.''for me photography is total freedom and powerful scientific toll by trying to ask and understand ''what's life is all about''. as well as great admiration to nature in all it"s forms and shapes including us poeple, for better for worst" . Amirs works exhibited in galleries & museums around the world.

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