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The Odd and Even Couple

Laura Jean Zito


"The Odd and Even Couple"
I was walking down Bleecker Street in New York City's Greenwich Village. As I crossed Sullivan Street, I spotted this couple at an outdoor cafe. I "grabbed" a shot, then asked them if I could take a few more. They agreed somewhat reticently but not defensively. I shot about five or six frames. Upon examining each frame carefully at a later date, I realized that, though the images appeared more or less the same, a slight pursing of their lips had taken place that replaced the inviting quality of the first expressions when they were taken unawares with an almost sardonic one. The difference is ever so subtle, but reminds me how difficult it is to manufacture a smile, and how trained experts can always tell as different muscles are used in a real smile than in an artificial one. As I examined other series of shots I had taken of people, invariably that first shot is always a tad more natural. Now I try to be as ready as possible before my first approach. This couple engages in their differences by adopting each other's manner of dress. The coffee table serves as a line of delineation, below which the man and the woman are both sporting blousy white slacks, fishnet stockings and high heels, and above which they adorn themselves with large sunglasses, fists full of rings like brass knuckles, bobbed haircuts and mannish black shirts. She on the right wears white sunglasses and he on the left black. They have achieved a kind of equality that they both seem at ease with, and that makes us all think about how tied we are to prevailing attitudes of attire.

Biography: "The Ironic Age" by Laura Jean Zito published in Edge of Humanity Magazine: 2022,Third Prize in Photojournalism: International Color Awards: edition of the WINNERS BOOK, June 2022, Winners Video Series, July 2022. In 2021, "STREETS" competition, published in 22nd Edition of All About Photo Magazine and on the website,, with a full portfolio. "Catamaran," a Californian art magazine, chose her Middle East images to resonate with a short story "Sunbirds." "In The Frame" page of "Totally Dublin" in May 2021,...

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