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Gathering Storm at Cypremort Point

Charles Crain


"Gathering Storm at Cypremort Point"
This image was captured on a photo trip documenting the shabby state of conditions on the beach at Cypremort Point State Park, Louisiana while working for a museum in Lafayette in 1971. It is one of only two I was able to take of this elderly couple who were preparing to depart before the threatening thunderstorm reached them.

Biography: b: 1949; My life work has been to capture character in the human face, provide genuine still images, utilize available light & employ a photo journalistic conversational approach. A native of South Louisiana, I have been influenced by its unique Cajun & Creole legacy and the great number of important musicians, painters, sculptors and photographers from this region. A founding member of the New Orleans Photo Alliance, my work has been exhibited in Athens (GR), Austin, Barcelona, Bucks County, Budapest, Chania (Crete), Fernandina Beach, Ft Collins, Glasgow, Hanoi, Hyderabad,...

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