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Tokyo 2011 / Paris 1900

Pierre Alivon


"Tokyo 2011 / Paris 1900"
1890-2011: two times, two places, two women, but only a "snapshot" that combines the better to highlight the changes, parallels and contrasts. By far, it is believed to watch a single shot. Closely, you soon realize that this is a montage, the juxtaposition of women over a century, and sometimes thousands of miles apart. Two citizens, two cities, two periods are total opposites ... or close?

Biography: Pierre Alivon is an artistic photographer whose favorite subject matter is urban lifestyles and peoples. He has traveled to the four corners of the globe in search of the photographs that best capture the zeitgeist and show people at their most authentic. Thanks to his discreet nature and discerning eye, Pierre blends effortlessly into diverse environments, and shines a light on details which both captivate and transport the observer. He has explored some sixty countries to date, including Bhutan, Colombia, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Russia, Burma, Japan, China and South Africa.

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