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I pray for you

Mirko Ries


"I pray for you"
From a HIV-hospice - Their will to live is unbelievably huge and if they tell you their on stories and show you photos from earlier stages in their life, they are just like you and me. It's almost too hard to believe how this disease can damage a human body and life of a human being.

Biography: Mirko Ries is an inspiring young photographer from Zurich, CH. Since 2006 he has expanded his portfolio with new images from Vietnam, Thailand, India, Phillippines and the USA. Some of his work had been exhibited at the Migros Limmatplatz and the Photo 07 at the Maag Event Hall in Zurich and in Gumligen at Artplace 88. After finishing an internship at Migros Magazin in 2010, he's now working as a freelance photographer.

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