Photojournalism - Professional

voodoonville 01

Paolo Marchetti

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"voodoonville 01"
Haiti, Port-au-Prince, july 2010. A voodoo priest possessed by an evil spirit during a nocturnal ceremony in the village Wharf Jeremie

Biography: Paolo Marchetti is a freelance photojournalist based between Rome and Rio de Janeiro, he has been working for more than twelve years in the cinematographic and commercial industry in the Camera department, and began in the mean time his photographic studies with particolar attention to political and anthropology issues. He told stories far from home, creating reports in Brazil, Central America, Cuba, east-Europe, India, United States, Haiti, China, Central Africa etc.
Marchetti publishes his works in Italian weekly newspaper such as L'Espresso in which is a regular contributor,...

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