Photojournalism - Professional


Philippe De Poulpiquet


Tripoli (Libya), 25 August 2011. The body of a fighter is lying on the asphalt at the entrance to the neighborhood of Abu Slim. On his arm, a tattoo: "Freedom".

Biography: Philippe is a french photographer born in 1972. After studying cinema in Paris, he becomes a freelance photographer in 1994. From 1995, he starts to work focusing in Africa and more precisely in South-Africa, Cameroon, Benin and Ivory-Coast. After several films and photography features, he decides to relocate to Paris in 1998, working on assignment for magazines. In 2000, he works for the daily newspaper Le Parisien/Aujourd'hui en France, where he is today international staff reporter. He has covered major stories worldwide, in Haiti, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya,...

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