Portrait - Professional

Mr Sly The coffin maker

David Morris


"Mr Sly The coffin maker"
Mr Sly was coffin maker in a small village in the Cotswolds. His family had made coffins for three generations. He was eighty odd years old when I photographed him and still working. When I asked him to pose under the sky light holding a tool like he was working, he said "What do you mean, fakin' it?".

Biography: I am a photographer of people, landscapes and 'bar life'. This last project has gone on for several years now. I have photographed life in the bars of Milan, Amsterdam, Sarajevo, Bruges and the cities of England. It seems to me wherever alcohol and people mix all life occurs, from the exotic to the banal, from the dangerous to the lonely. Originally conceived in black and white, this mission has progressed through colour into infrared.

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