Sport - Professional

Zapped at the Finish

Matt Lit


"Zapped at the Finish"
A competitor in the "Tough Mudder" reacts to jolts of electricity in the last obstacle of this British Special Forces Extreme Race.

Biography: From photojournalist to commercial shooter to wedding photojournalist to dog photographer, Matt's work has always captured the essence of his subjects. His work with Holga Toy Cameras finds that same vision. Photographer Jonathan Bailey first introduced him to the Holga Toy Camera in 1997. The simplicity of the camera captured Matt's attention - a plastic body, lens and viewfinder and a spring-loaded shutter right out of a 100-year-old Kodak Brownie Box Camera...and a host of flaws! It was the images which really captured him. They held a vintage appeal, a romantic look of a...

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