Wildlife - Professional

A Hand of Cheetahs

Richard Garvey-Williams

Honorable Mention

"A Hand of Cheetahs"
Cheetah siblings in the Mara Reserve of Kenya - I was drawn by the array of their postures and differing orientations of each of their heads.

Biography: As a Landscape and Nature photographer, I aim to depict the beauty of the natural world. I hope that my work will in some way encourage others to immerse themselves in this wonder and also to take steps to reduce the burden we impose on it due to our human excesses. My childhood spent in East Africa instilled in me a passion for the wildlife of that continent and I return whenever possible leading photographic safaris. I am now based in the UK and indulge my landscape aspirations on nearby Dartmoor and the dramatic coastline. In the coming years I hope to exhibit my work internationally.

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