Abstract - Amateur

Cabin Crew Prepare For Landing

Volker Birke


"Cabin Crew Prepare For Landing"
Canon EOS 5D MKII, long exposure. Henley Beach, Torrens estuary / mouth, Adelaide, South Australia -- an aircraft was approaching Adelaide Airport, ADL, while taking this night shot.

Biography: I can't draw, but release the shutter. I've been fascinated with nature, especially sea and landscapes, all my life, and how it relates to personal feelings, atmosphere and moods. Got my first camera around the age of ten. Therefore, artistic landscape photography has always been a favorite subject, also viewing landscape paintings (e.g., created by Caspar David Friedrich or William Turner). However, I'm much interested in other genres of photography as well. For the last 15 years I have primarily used digital SLR cameras, though still employing and developing (b&w 35 mm) film...

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