Architectural - Amateur

My Room, Sometimes

Edward L. Rubin


"My Room, Sometimes"
Sometimes, in my head, I live here.

Biography: PRODUCTION DESIGNER, FILM, TELEVISION, COMMERCIALS: 1 Emmy Award and 4 nominations. 1 Excellence in Production Design Award and 5 nominations. Worked on over 60 Productions. PHOTOGRAPHER: PUBLISHED: 2010, 2011 PHOTOGRAPHER'S FORUM BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY ANNUAL. 10 HONORABLE MENTIONS/FINALIST in International Photo competitions during 2010-2011. PAINTER: 2010 Honorable Mention, 11th Annual Pastel100 International Competition, "The Annunciation." MFA Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA: Set and Costume Design. Bachelor of Arts Degree: Architecture, University of...

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