Nude - Amateur


Dick Nosbisch

Honorable Mention

My recent work, "NATURE'S PROJECTED IMAGES", is a study in utilizing the largess of Nature’s bounty – rocks, river stones, raindrops, ocean tides, seashore sand, seashells, flowers, buds, trees, tw

Biography: Dick Nosbisch has exhibited extensively in the United States, London, Toronto, Switzerland, Paris, Buenos Aires,Serbia, and Munich. His work is in the permanent collection of The Denver Art Museum, The Colorado Photographic Arts Center, The Denver Press Club, and the Center for Exploratory & Perceptual Arts in New York. In 2016 Dick's work was exhibited in The Andrew Smith Gallery - Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Sapphire, Las Vegas in the Dick Nosbisch Gallery. He continues to open up new visions in photography while managing and playing drums in his jazz band 'ALTITUDE: Jazz and Beyond.'

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