Photojournalism - Amateur

San Lazaro 1

Pedro Farias-Nardi
Dominican Republic


"San Lazaro 1"
A young woman crawl to pay its debt to Babalu Aye (San Lazarus), Rincon, Cuba. People ask from halth to wealth and pay with candles, crawling, money, etcetera

Biography: Born in the Dominican Republic, Pedro Farias Nardi is a photojournalist focused on the lives of socially & economically alienated people. He covers topics that vary from the response of these groups to the policies of modern capitalism and its impact on demoted sectors of society. In addition, he documents the cultural dynamics that are in flux both in his native country and Latin America. Pedro uses photography and film to depict stories. His approach aims to question the human condition in different environments and social enclaves and present conceptual images of the places he visits.

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