Still Life - Amateur


Ryan Ewart


Shot in my home studio in Chicago, IL with a Nikon D300, PB-4 Bellows and 105mm Bellows-Nikkor lens. Like much of my work, I consider this to be more of a portrait than a still life.

Biography: Just like humans, trees and plants had to evolve to survive; they live, breathe, breed, suffer, thrive and, ultimately, die. They also have memories, evidenced in the rings of a tree, and maintain communities, evidenced in root networks. All of this, to me, adds up to a form of consciousness one that we can learn from, if only we could fully appreciate it. I find that leaves and flowers and other pieces of nature find their very own unique personality during the process of decay. For example, two leaves from the same tree will look relatively similar on the branch, but once they have...

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