Fine Art - Professional

M.I.T. Bicycle Plane

Laura Jean Zito


"M.I.T. Bicycle Plane"
Bryan Allen who rode a bicycle plane across the English channel, got this plane of M.I.T. off the ground by trading his wing design with their propeller design in 1980 in Hanscomb Field in Concord, M

Biography: Laura Jean Zito, Harvard University Honors graduate, worked years as a photographer for NBC Network News, NYC, and as unit still photographer on feature films, classics such as "Breakin'". Published in numerous magazines including "Cultural Survival Quarterly," and books, such as "Guide to Great Pictures," she is working on several book projects for upcoming self-publication. Ms. Zito curated exhibitions at her gallery, Fotoforum, at 575 5th Avenue at 47th Street, NYC, for several years, and a group show at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Buenos Aires:...

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