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Near an eternal flame

Vladimir Sheshukov


"Near an eternal flame"
"Nobody is forgotten - nothing is forgotten!" My grandfather Ryndya Vasily Kuzmich was at war during World War II in Manchuria on border with China. In youth I with pleasure listened to his stories about feats of the military personnel and strict military discipline on east front. I was always proud of well-deserved, war decorations of Vasily Kuzmich. But the grandfather didn't become... I come every year to a cemetery and I remember those best days when we together in a kitchen garden dug earthworms, and then fished on the Irtysh River when together salted and fried fish. I remember as he taught me to look after fruit-trees and to watch a court kitchen garden... I try to come every year for a spring holiday on May 9 and I photograph veterans of the Second World War. I see their pleasure for new generation and their future - I see their pain and bitterness for those whom isn't present in the live - I see joint multinational understanding between the colleagues on the passable war - I see also spiritual leaders who are also solid in the actions at memory respect, and flower-laying to an eternal flame at Slava's Obelisk!

Biography: Was born in Kuban, in the small city of Apsheronsk, among the surrounded forests and the big Caucasian ridge stretched on much kilometers. In 1990 I began training at the Moscow Correspondence Public University of Arts, and in 1991 in absentia in Moscow a photo the center of confederation of the journalistic unions, on photojournalism faculty in parallel arrived. During labor activity I became the member of a photo - Lagonaka club which during various joltings of reorganization could stand on "firm" feet. I am grateful to the chairman of the Union of...

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