Sport - Professional

Zepher La Rougetel, Surfer

Paul Foley


"Zepher La Rougetel, Surfer"
I have referenced both traditional silver based photography, originally made on glass or tin plates, as well as some of the contemporary instagram looks that pay homage to these authentic processes.

Biography: I came into photography through a love of surfing and travel. I was fascinated watching light hit (and miss) the landscape and faces around me. This very personal engagement with making photographs evolved into a professional career that has spanned 30 years. During that time I've learnt that the very best, most memorable pictures have places that the light didn't reach. Or barely touched. For me, a picture isn't real until I can feel it - run my fingers across the paper flexing and holding it to the light. It is then, when it is tactile, that the confluence of light, shadow and emotion is...

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