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Tikal Doorway



"Tikal Doorway"
I have been fascinated with ancient architectural ruins from an early age and have had the great pleasure of being able to visit and photograph ruins such as these around the world.

Biography: PUBLICATIONS 1980� The Enigma of Stonehenge, with John Fowles, photographs by Barry Brukoff. Summit Books, Monograph by Min Gallery,Tokyo 1993���� Morocco � Color photos of the Maghreb, with Paul Bowles.Abrams Art Books. 1998���� Greece, Land of Light with Nicholas Gage. Bulfinch Press, 2002���Machu Picchu - 120 pages, Bulfinch Press, Little, Brown and Co. 2011����Temples of Cambodia , The Heart of Angkor, Photographs by Barry Brukoff � Vendome Press 2012 ��Royal Cities of the Ancient Maya, text by Prof. Michael D Coe, Photographs...

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