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Old Clay

Arete Edmunds


"Old Clay"
When photographing the North American Model T Tour I met this gentleman by the name of Clay. Clay has a disability when it came to his mobility however when he is behind a Model T racing, you can feel how free he feels. This image is after one of those races. I captured this image as I saw the satisfaction of his achievement glowing in face.

Biography: I am a Master Photographer in Commercial-MPC with MPI. I am based in Calgary and specializing in Architecture and Fine Art Photography. I started my photography career later in life after having a lifelong passion for Architecture and Fine Art. I know combine both of those passions with the passion of my photography. I have been fortunate with my career to capture some of the nicest buildings in Alberta Canada. I am not a real-estate photographer but a Show Case Image Specialist. This past while I have been creating a collection of Art Images as I work towards my Masters in Fine...

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