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RELUCTANT sex workers_001

Carol Allen-Storey


"RELUCTANT sex workers_001"
‘Sex for Survival’ is the mantra many of the women chant in a fishing village where widows have assumed the awesome responsibility of raising their family, where they have no means of support. The women are proud, but desperate so they resort to sex work, an age old profession. Grace, Mbabaz and Eva are all HIV+, widows pose proudly along the shore.

Biography: Carol Allen-Storey is an award-winning photojournalist specialising in chronicling humanitarian and social issues, especially amongst women and children. “My images are intimate, about issues and citizens I deeply care about. I believe photographs may not be capable of doing the moral work for us, but they can trigger the process of social consciousness” In 2009 Storey was appointed a UNICEF ambassador for photography. Since 2006, she has been developing ‘ANGELS at the edge of darkness’, a personal project that illuminates the plight of women and children managing poverty...

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