Portrait - Amateur

Bobby & Mobby

Neil Holden

Honorable Mention

"Bobby & Mobby"
Red Hot + Blue / HIV & AIDS Awareness Project, Paris France / Kodak Tri-X / Scanned Bromide Print

Biography: In 1979 Margaret Thatcher became First Female UK PM. USSR invade Afghanistan. Skylab Space Station crashes back to earth. Ford Motor assembly line worker Robert Williams first recorded 'Human Death by Robot. McDonalds Happy Meal first went on sale. Sony introduce the Walkman personal cassette player. Ilfospeed Multigrade RC Paper is launched in UK. I turn 17 and enrol on a Diploma in Advertising, Editorial and Fashion Photography. Still an optimistic, enthusiastic amateur with a professional attitude. 40+ years later, I still have the overdraft and bank statement to prove it!

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