Architectural - Amateur

Books & Brutalism; Robarts Library, No. 9 (Toronto, 2021)

Attila Ataner


"Books & Brutalism; Robarts Library, No. 9 (Toronto, 2021)"
This is a photo of the Robarts Library, at the University of Toronto ("brutalist" architecture).

Biography: My ancestry is Turkish, however, I was born in Svishtov, Bulgaria, a small town on the Danube. During the 80s, I lived in Tripoli, Libya and attended an international school where I was taught photography by one of my all-time best mentors. I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I formerly practiced law, however, I recently returned to school to pursue a Ph.D. degree in philosophy, with a focus on environmental philosophy. My passion for photography is partly informed by my studies. My current photography is an effort to translate my ideas on environmental philosophy into visual-artistic form.

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