Fine Art - Amateur


Megumi Otsuka


One day in late autumn, two traffic officers were guiding a bus at a bus station in Tokyo. The scene was reflected on the glass nearby, making the whole scene which I was looking at symmetrical.

Biography: Megumi Otsuka is a Tokyo-based photographer. She was born and raised in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan and moved to Tokyo in 2002. She started taking street photographs of the city of Tokyo with monochrome film around 2003 and her first photobook titled "TOKYO" was published in 2012. The series was published in the Japanese leading camera magazines, "Asahi Camera" and "Nippon Camera". And in 2014, her second photobook titled "IBIZA" was published, featuring monochrome photographs she took at clubs in Ibiza. Since 2020, she has participated in many group...

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