Silhouette - Amateur

Commitment to the waves

Natalia Slovinska


"Commitment to the waves"
Silhouettes of surfers walking along the sea and waiting for the right moment.

Biography: My name is Natalia Slovinska. I was born in Slovakia. I am living in the Netherlands. In photography I rely more on my intuition than on technical knowledge. I find uniqueness in every thing, place and situation, capture it in simplicity and perfection without major interventions. My biggest achievements: 2 honorable mentions- Monochrome Photography Awards 2021, 2 h.m.- Monovisions Photography Awards 2022, 2 photos- final round of IPA Official Selection 2022, 2 h.m.- ND Photography Awards 2022, 3 h.m.- Budapest International Foto Awards 2022 and 2 h.m.- Monochrome Photography Awards 2022. In...

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