Still Life - Amateur

Get Away

Kasia Kalua Krynska

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Get Away"
The story of the picture is simple, and has a personal significance. It was created in 2006, where not everything was easy and about certain things I could only dream of. It has become a driving force for the imagination and bold changes. Get Away - in a simple and symbolic way, says what is most important to me: the freedom, the need to look for oneself and fulfill dreams that sometimes seem very distant, but thanks to the determination become possible.

Biography: Kasia Kalua Krynska (Warsaw, Poland). Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology (1999) and the European Academy of Photography (2005). PhD studies on photography at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2014). Belongs to the Association of Polish Artists Photographers. Architect, designer and photographer. Her photographs have been shown in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Holland, Germany and US. She participated in an interdisciplinary project The Promised City with her photo-documentary series Crossing. She...

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