Silhouette - Professional

Monks Praying

Joseph K.S. Tan


"Monks Praying"

Biography: Hon.FMPA(uk) APSA,EPSA(usa) Hon.FPSG (pakistan) Hon.IIPC (india) ES.FIAP (berne)Hon.FICS (usa) Hon.PESGSPC (Cyprus) Hon.FPSG (Pakistan), Hon.FPASBP (Malaysia) Hon.FSPS (Singapore) Hon.Advisor SPS (Singapore), Hon.FSAP (India) Hon.Advisor of SAP(India)5 Star/5th Galaxy (PSA-USA) Took up photography since 1965. Ten top men in the world in 1967 for winning an award of a Portrait. Initially working for Shell Eastern Petroleum 1951-70. Left my secured job as Head of Oil Accounts in 1970 to take up photography. Started Joseph Master Photography since 1992. More information, please visit my...

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